Incinerator Retrofit/Stand-Alone
Neutralization Feasibility Assessment
A study of the viability of destroying mustard agent using neutralization at incinerator sites

1995 Citizens' Solution for Safe Chemical Weapons Disposal
Updated April 2007

"Learning Not to Burn"
A citizens' primer on alternatives to burning hazardous waste

Greenpeace Report
Health hazards linked to waste incinerators

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Aberdeen, Maryland

ACWA Sites--Pueblo, CO & Richmond, KY

Anniston, Alabama

Alternative Solutions

Environmental Justice

Gulf War Illnesses

Kalama Island, the Pacific

Legal Battles

Newport, Indiana

Non-Stockpile Coalition

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Problems Inside the Army's Chem Demil Program

Pueblo, Colorado

Richmond, Kentucky

Tooele, Utah

Umatilla, Oregon

VX Hydrolysate Shipments

What's Wrong with Incineration


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